Car Wash Pit Cleaners

Are you tired of manually cleaning your wash bay pits?
Would you rather not pay someone to do the work for you?
Would you like income cleaning wash bay pits for other washes?

Ring-O-Matic can help: Our Car Wash Pit Cleaner line-up is designed for reliability, economy, and efficiency. They are built from heavy gauge steel to withstand many years of heavy use. There are units sold in the 1970’s still service today. The “clamshell” bucket models work so well that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one, and with the rising costs of paying someone else to do wash bay pit cleaning for you, these machines are cost effective, even for smaller operations. Our Vacuum models allow you to clean wash bay pits with limited access (such as manhole cover access) and efficiently clean up to 15 feet (4.6 m) deep.

  • Save you from the heavy, dirty work of manual pit cleaning.
  • Substantial savings, if you pay someone else to do the work.
  • Puts you in control of scheduling pit cleaning so your bays are open and available for your customers during peak times.
  • Our Car Wash Pit Cleaners are designed for economy and efficiency and are built from heavy gauge steel to withstand years of heavy use. There are units sold in the 1970’s that are still in operation today.
  • Ring-O-Matic car wash pit cleaners have become the industry standard.
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Pit Cleaner: “Clamshell” Bucket Models

Pit Cleaner: Vacuum Models