Vacuum Only 

These heavy duty industrial vacuum systems are used in a wide variety of applications, including: drilling fluid cleanup, pit cleaning, environmental cleanup, construction site cleanup, and many other uses. Ring-O-Matic manufactures a wide variety vacuum excavation equipment in various configurations including: vacuum trailers, vacuum trucks, and skid mount systems. This versatility ensures you will have the best configuration for your specific application.


The 850 Vacuum Only Excavator is the ideal machine for cleaning up drilling fluids from well and horizontal drilling.

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The 850 Deep Vacuum Excavator is an ideal pit cleaner for operators who have car washes with limited access pits. These pits are often the secondary pits where cleaning access is available through a manhole or other small opening.

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The 2000 Vacuum Only Excavator features our premium silencer package for reduced noise complaints from work site neighbors and machine operators.

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The 1300 Vacuum Only Excavator is available in vacuum trailer, vacuum truck, and skid mount configurations.

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Ring-O-Matic’s vacuum excavation machines are ideal for Clean Up.

  • Construction site cleanup
  • Car wash pit cleaner
  • Sump cleanup
  • Catch basin cleanup
  • Storm drain cleanup
  • Valve box cleanup
  • Drilling fluid cleanup (vertical well drilling and horizontal directional drilling)
  • Environmental cleanup – everything from flooded basements to hurricane aftermaths to oil spills

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