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550 Jet Vac Vacuum Excavator

  • Item #: 550 JV

Product Description

Jetvac is the most trusted name in vacuum excavation, and when contractors are looking for a reliable machine, they choose the 550Jetvac from Ring-O-Matic. This machine is the quietest in the market, making it perfect for contractors working in neighborhoods or congested cities where noise can be an issue. The 550Jetvac reduces noise on the job site in several ways, such as less piping from the blower to the silencer, improved sound attenuation in the powerpack, and a premium silencer positioned below the machine. 

The 550Jetvac not only reduces sound, but also has other advantages. It features dual splash-bearing blowers, a lower center of gravity, improved balance and tongue weight, and a more efficient closing system on the rear door, all of which deliver on our promise of Proven Performance. These features increase performance and reliability, making the 550Jetvac a top choice for contractors. 

Product Specs

  • CFM1000 CFM, 600 CFM
  • Horsepower49 HP
  • Length x Width x Height235.94" x 94.74" x 87.55"
  • Spoils Tank Capacity550 gal
  • Water Capacity2 x 100 gal