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850 VX Vacuum Excavator

  • Item #: 850 VX

Product Description

Are you a contractor searching for a reliable and efficient machine that can handle big jobs with ease? Look no further than the 850VX! This powerful machine is designed to offer contractors the capacity and ability to work for longer periods without the need for frequent emptying and refilling of tanks.

With its impressive 850-gallon spoil capacity and a class-leading 500 gallons of fresh water on board, the 850VX allows contractors to stay on the job site longer, complete jobs faster, and enjoy uninterrupted productivity. Purpose-built trailer frames, high-performance water pumps, and reduced maintenance blowers ensure seamless functionality and easy maintenance.
With industry-leading field experience, the 850VX is the flagship of the fleet and a top choice for contractors who demand the best. Don't settle for less, choose the 850VX and experience top-notch performance, reliability, and efficiency like never before. 

Product Specs

  • CFM1000 CFM, 600 CFM
  • Horsepower49 HP
  • Length x Width x Height261.09" x 95.31" x 90.97"
  • Spoils Tank Capacity800 gal
  • Water Capacity2 x 250 gal

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