1600 VX Vacuum Excavator

  • Item #: 1600 VX

Product Description

When a worksite is located far away from the vacuum unit, it becomes necessary to have the ability to flow materials from non-typical distances. The Ring-O-Matic 1600VX is a trailer-mounted vacuum excavator that can handle large amounts of capacity, up to 2500 cubic feet per minute, 500 gallons of water, and can be set up quickly and easily just like the smaller trailer vacuums. The 1600VX provides the performance of a big truck in a smaller, more manageable package.

Product Specs

  • CFM1000 CFM, 1700 CFM, 2500 CFM, 600 CFM
  • Horsepower110 HP, 49 HP
  • Length x Width x Height267" x 101" x 95"
  • Spoils Tank Capacity1600 gal
  • Water Capacity2 x 250 gal