2000 VX Vacuum Excavator

  • Item #: 2000 VX

Product Description

Are you managing a large project that needs big support equipment? Ring-O-Matic has got you covered! We offer custom solutions for Vac trucks that can manage thousands of gallons of fluid or spoils, all within your budget of less than $400,000. Our team of expert engineers will work with you to determine the necessary capacity required for your job, ensuring you get the right truck to carry the load safely. 

At Ring-O-Matic, we understand that your time and money are valuable. That's why we believe in providing you with a customized truck that meets your needs, without adding unnecessary features that don't support you or provide a necessary payback. With our trucks, you'll be able to complete your project on time and efficiently, without compromising on safety. Choose Ring-O-Matic for all your large project needs.

Product Specs

  • CFM1000 CFM, 1700 CFM, 2500 CFM, 600 CFM
  • Horsepower110 HP, 49 HP
  • Length x Width x Height281" x 101" x 95"
  • Spoils Tank Capacity2000 gal
  • Water Capacity2 x 250 gal